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A question to Ask Who is the Best Eye Surgeon in Jodhpur to Get Lasik Eye Surgery? You need to consult with a surgeon who has years of experience. The surgeon must be well-experienced and able to handle all situations that might come up before, during and after the surgery is done. You will find that there are surgeons in the city of Jodhpur who can do excellent eye surgeries such as LASIK.

Why choose Kamdar Hospital?

Kamdar Hospital, now have a plethora of excellent choices, including Epi-LASIK, PRK, Femto-LASIK, SMILE Lasik, Refractive lens exchange, phakic IOLs, and many more. It is essential to choose the most qualified surgeon who is familiar with and skilled in all of these treatments as well as the most up-to-date technologies. This will also guarantee that your surgeon chooses the most appropriate treatment for your particular set of circumstances.

You will need to know as much as possible about the procedure so that you can choose the best surgeon in Jodhpur who will do the operation safely and adequately for you. Let’s look at some of the qualities you should look for when selecting the best surgeon in Jodhpur for your eyes.


  • The surgeon must be experienced so that they will know exactly what to do when you consult him or her to get laser eye surgery. This is an operation that may cause some discomfort, and therefore, the best Eye surgeon in Jodhpur will have experience dealing with these situations. Check out his or her credentials and certificates. Some surgical centers have requirements to get the certification to know what he is handling and whether the treatment is safe and effective. Other centres do not need to have any particular certification. Still, they will often have letters from previous patients who have had the treatment stating their satisfaction and quick healing.
  • Although more recent technology is used, it still does not mean that a newer surgery is safer than an older one. So, ask for the surgeon’s experience. The number of patients he or she has performed this surgery on is one important thing to consider. The surgeon must have ample experience in doing the procedure. If the clinic lacks this vital information, then you would not know how good the surgeon is and whether the process would be safe for your specific condition.

Knowledge and skill:

  • Can do a LASIK eye surgery is not enough. You need the surgeon to be knowledgeable and skilled as well. Ask for before and after photos of previous patients who had the surgery. Check out their vision and their ability to see well. See how long the surgeon has been performing eye surgeries. You should also find out if the clinic uses new and modern equipment when treating patients and if the surgeon is trained using these things.
  • The surgeon in question must have vast knowledge in this field. This way, he or she can evaluate the situation and come up with the best decision. Patients who have gone through this surgery are happy and contented, knowing that their eyes are free from glasses or contacts. The best Eye surgeon in Jodhpurcan only be as good as his or her skills. Hence, it is essential to find a surgeon who has a lot of experience.


One thing that comes to most people’s minds is the certification that a clinic possesses. Well, in terms of eye surgery in general, certification is not essential. However, when it comes to LASIK eye surgery, it is always better to have accreditation so that the surgeon can only perform the surgery safely.


  • The best way to get to know who is the best is to research about them. Ask around and find out what people think about the clinic. There are various forums online where you can read up about reputations. You may even check the local phone book or newspaper. Also, do not forget to ask for referrals from your friends and relatives.
  • Although some physicians claim a cheap initial cost for the LASIK operation, this may not cover a complete pre-surgery eye examination, follow-up visits, and other related expenses. To make an informed decision about which doctor and which centre to choose for your LASIK surgery, you must first ask all of the questions listed above and ensure that you are completely pleased with your ultimate choice of surgeon and centre.

Whether your surgeon comes highly recommended by your primary care physician or a friend or coworker, or you learned about the doctor via an online search, do not take your surgeon’s credentials for granted. It is critical to understand their postgraduate eye surgery training, fellowships, and any other certifications they may have. Suppose the Lasik surgeon has undergone formal training in the management of corneal illnesses. In that case, it will be beneficial since the surgeon will detect early abnormalities in the cornea that will be a contraindication to doing Lasik surgery.

In addition, it is essential to verify that they are registered with the appropriate medical authority in their area. It is also beneficial to know whether they have any scientific papers to their credit and whether or not they have spoken at national and international conferences. Their work is on par with other excellent surgeons in terms of knowledge and skill, which is an indirect indication that they are up to date. Please also make sure that your surgeon is experienced and knowledgeable in various types of eye power correction operations. LASIK is not the only option available, and it is not the ideal treatment for every individual who needs it.

Conclusion: With all these options at your disposal, you should be able to choose the best  Eye surgeon in Jodhpur who can perform the best surgery. You should even be able to bargain with them to reduce costs. However, before finalizing on anyone, ensure that he has certification and is very experienced. Your eyes are very important, and it would be a pity if they were ruined due to an incompetent surgeon. So, go ahead and get the latest Lasik eye surgery procedure done in Jodhpur with Kamdar Hospital and have the perfect vision once again.

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