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Dr. Kamdar Eye Hospital is renowned for its expertise in delivering world-class eye treatments, employing advanced technology and equipment for accurate results. Directed by Dr. Gulam Ali Kamdar, the hospital ensures patient satisfaction through a team of highly trained doctors, surgeons, and dedicated staff. Every team member contributes to maintaining quality standards and upholding integrity in patient care.

The hospital boasts state-of-the-art equipment for surgeries and examinations, providing secure and satisfying experiences for patients. Driven by a commitment to excellence, the hospital offers affordable treatments for various eye problems, including squint, glaucoma, oculoplasty, refractive surgery, cataract, and vitreo retina care. The focus extends beyond providing high-quality care to ensuring accessibility for all segments of society, with an emphasis on safety, patient coordination, and ethical practices. Dr. Kamdar Eye Hospital strives to set benchmarks in eye care, fostering a compassionate and equitable environment for patients.

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World Class Team

Our eye care team excels with expertise, qualifications, and invaluable experience, setting them apart.

Dr. Gulam Ali Kamdar

Director  I  Phaco & Refractive Surgeon

Dr. Rajshri Heerawat

MD (Opthalmology)  I  MD (AIIMS, Delhi)
FMRF (Sanskara Netralaya, Chennai I  DNB, FRCS – Vitreoretinal Surgeon

Dr. Kavita Prasad

MBBS  I  DNB (Bokaro General Hospital, Jharkhand) I  DNB (HVD Eye Hospital, Pune)   FAFH (Glaucoma, Arvind Eye Hospital, Mumbai) Glaucoma Specialist

Dr. Rohan Agashe​​

MBBS  I  DO (KEM Hospital Mumbai)
DNB (HVD Eye Hospital, Pune) I  FAFH (Arvind Eye Hospital, Mumbai) I  Cornea & Dry Eye Specialist

Dr. Moh. Aneesh Pathan​

MBBS  I  DO, (Ophthalmology)
FVRS (Aditya Jyot Eye Hospital, Mumbai)  VITREO RETINAL SURGEON

Dr. Latika Pandey

MBBS  (Kasturba Medical college, Mangalore)
MS Ophthalmology (PGIMS, Rohtak)
Cataract Surgeon


The hospital is committed to enhancing vision by offering complimentary medication, treatments, and surgical assistance to those who require it. We collaborate closely with a range of national and international societies.

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Pioneering eye care in Western Rajasthan, our hospital leads with iconic services, setting the standard for exceptional healthcare in the region.

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Dr. Kamdar Eye Hospital in Jodhpur ensures patient satisfaction and quality assurance by offering top-notch eye technology for unparalleled eye care.

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