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The eye care institution is known for its specialization in providing world class eye treatments to severe types of eye problems using the most advanced technology and equipment that are proven to conduct and run tests displaying accurate results every time.

The director and chief consultant of Dr. Kamdar Eye Hospital, Dr. Gulam Ali Kamdar with his team of highly trained doctors, surgeons and skilled professional staff has today made this work very special, prestigious and by all means resourceful for the sake of patient’s satisfaction across various segments of the society.

Every employed doctor and worker at the hospital are dedicated towards the work and the purpose to establish the benchmark maintaining the quality standards and treating the patients with integrity and maximum cooperation.

The latest equipment used for surgery and examining the patients are outstanding which ensures better treatment with making the patient feel secured and satisfied.The best affordable eye treatments and services includes dynamic solutions to acute eye problems providing remedies for squint, glaucoma, oculoplasty, refractive surgery, cataract, vitreo retina care with application of technology and upgrading the same with undertaking the quest to make available these highly standardized eye care facilities to other sections of society as well preserving the safety levels, coordination with patients and adhering by the ethics to cure patients with equitable generosity.

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Our Hospital Works very closely for bringing better quality of vision to patients free of cost i.e free medication , treatments and surgical support is arranged for needy.


Closely working with various national and international society

Press Conference

In association with Dr. Barabara Perolini, the Vitreo Retina Surgeon from Italy, on her visit in 2019

Live Surgery

Performed at ROSCON 2018

Dr. Kamdar eye hospital has been NABH certified since 18+ years for sustaining all the health, safety protocols and strictly being coherent to the standard medical parameters and quality checks that is scrutinized as well as approved by the Quality Council Of India to safeguard infection-free patient centric scenarios. The team has been awarded to successfully become an ideal institution in the eye care sector. Many people have been satisfyingly cured for the chronic eye problems and serious issues contributing to the vision problems. Initiated with cataract treatment involving use of latest technique and equipment pacing full preparation of Phacoemulsification microsurgery with intraocular lens implant having the set up of modular operation theatres and therapeutic lobbies has continuously enhanced the patient’s journey and experience making it more convenient for the patient to feel at ease utilizing their time at the eye hospital. Our refractive surgeries have proved a boon for people relating to defence and sports fields that wished to come across and show their trust within our eye care services. The trained doctors handle the situation of glaucoma very keenly by counselling the patients as well as encouraging them for eye testing on the scheduled time. Doing so avoids the situation beforehand from losing the vision completely.Vitreo retinal care aids with retinal detachment services, pan retinal photocoagulation, ROP laser treatment, diabetic retinopathy. Age related macular degeneration examination is done by doctors carrying higher expertise and employing wise use of advanced technological devices. Dr. Kamdar Eye Hospital has established Myopia Control Clinic with inclusion of Orthokeratology, vision therapies with some medications consisting of multifocal contact lenses, eye drops to minimize the growth of myopia. Another department consists of Corneal and Oculoplasty Therapy specializing with the treatments for keratoconus, corneal disorders, droopy eyelids putting in effort to minimize the risk for further progression. We at Dr. Kamdar Eye Hospital is committed to providing our professional high class services to our patients and giving them a safer environment, better experience with assurance of leading a beautiful life with a refined vision.


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